Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The rights of Liberty...

Every time I dare turn on the television (to any station) or turn on the radio, I am constantly reminded that this is an election year.

I happen to be a military veteran so I am especially sensitive to our constitutional rights.
I try and stay about as far away from political issues as I can when it comes to most of my dealings, especially with the church.

What I do say, and say with conviction, you and I need to exercise our right to vote.
I am not a big fan of American politicians, and my list is extremely short for politicians that I will actually take what they say to heart.

For the most part in America, politicians serve themselves or the big corporations that are funding there campaigns in return for support on their agenda's. Many of them are the front for their particular party's views.

I am so far beyond political parties that I wouldn't even find my way back to them with a road map. I realize that most people in America are driven by the "party" that they support; however, I am more inclined to support a candidate based upon his or her personal ideas rather than what their party affiliation is.

Regardless of what office they are running for, Senate, Congress, or President of the United States.

Whenever an election is approaching, I like to look at the voting record for a candidate myself and see exactly how they voted on all the issues that are important to me.

Did you know that you can look at how any member of Congress of the Senate voted on any issue? Anything that is voted on by either the House or the Senate, such as the war in Iraq, The Farm Bill, Civil Liberties issues such as Equal Pay or anything else.

I encourage all people to personally check the voting record for your Senator or Congress Representative before you vote in order to find out where they stand on issues.

You can do so using this resource:http://www.votesmart.org/official_five_categories.php?dist=voting_category.php

Just pick your state, and then pick the Senator or Representative and look at how they voted on all the issues.

Their record speaks louder than any campaign advertisement.

You and I have the right to vote however we want, and for whomever we want, or you have the right to not vote at all.

I encourage you to find out the facts and vote your heart. If we do not, we will never have a chance at changing to future of America for our children and the generations to come.

I am asked a lot about who I am supporting for the upcoming presidential election, and others "assume" that I am supporting one particular party over another because of my position.

I will be honest and tell you that who a America citizen votes for is a private and personal matter, I usually refrain from discussing the issues with people.

However, I will tell my readers that I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.
I support neither party. Politically, I am a "Constitutionalists" and nothing else.

That does not mean that I wouldn't cast a vote for someone running on either ticket; however, I find things unquestionably wrong with both parties. I firmly believe that America needs a "revolution" of sorts in many different areas, and American politics would be at the top of my list.

So I support the Constitution, which has served us pretty well for 200 years.
However, I try to do my homework before I cast my vote.

The upcoming presidential election will be easier for me considering that both "main party" candidates have a Senate voting record already, and so I can check them out myself and see how they voted on the issues without the "influence" of political advertisements. :-)

Either way, just do your homework and please exercise the right that so many have paid the ultimate price for and vote.

When you do, pray and vote your heart.

Your Friend,