Friday, May 24, 2013

Is the US Economy really on the rebound?

Warning - this article may be considered troubling. :-)

The reality in America and that is 99.999% of all Americans have no idea at just how much financial trouble the "we" as a Nation, are currently in.

The dollar is a debt-based currency produced by Banks masking as a federal entity called the "Federal Reserve" and is really only valuable because it’s the reserve currency for the world - but it is only that because it is the "petrodollar".

The only thing that keeps the world interested in the dollar is the fact that you must have the dollar to purchase an oil from OPEC. If the country producing oil tries to change the currency to something else - the get a large visit from the US military. Note: Saddam changed to the Euro in 2000 - we invaded in 2003 and switched the trading back to the Dollar which meant a 15 - 20% loss of revenue due to the value of the dollar vs. the euro. Qaddafi tried to organize a new gold backed Dinar for oil trade - and we ousted him in 2011. Iran is currently in the view finder...

Here is the plain truth - The dollar - is mathematically certain to collapse. The only question is when. I am pretty certain that the Dollar and the Euro share the same fate – because they are both debt based currencies controlled by their respective central banks.

Because of things like fractional reserve banking - the Fed ensures that there is always more debt than there is money - essentially making it the largest financial con in world history. In a debt based currency, Governments have to keep coming back to the banks to borrow more and more money. This creates and endless cycle of debt that eventually gets so large that it is impossible to service that debt. Then the currency collapses.

Everything you see right now is smoke and mirrors. The "Stock Market" itself is a system largely built in "smoke and mirrors". The chance of the US Dollar's long term survival is zero percent.

Now, why would I make a bold and some would say "crazy" statement like that??

The reported US Debt is currently right at $17 Trillion - but that number doesn't take into account the total number of unfunded federal liabilities which is somewhere around $90 to $110 Trillion. That means our REAL National debt would be some where in the neighborhood of $130 Trillion. Keep in mind that these are estimates - as different people give different numbers. But what we know for sure is that the amount of our debt is very...very...big.

That puts our total debt at a place that is mathematically impossible to reach.
How much is a trillion? It is a difficult number to understand - because it is so large. It helps if we convert it to time...then you can see how large it really is.

1 Million seconds = 12 days
1 Billion Seconds = 32 years
1 Trillion Seconds = 32,000 years

Now - multiply that times 130(ish) and convert it back to dollars.

I am not really a conspiracy theorist or a "doomsday" prophet - I am just a normal educated guy that feels an overwhelming calling to "sound the alarm".
I do my best to be direct and I don't sugar coat things very well anyway.

This shipping is sinking - rapidly - and I don't think there is a way to stop it.
Just in terms of the has been on life support for a long time.

If you raised the taxes of all Americans to 100% (one hundred percent) we still would not have enough to balance the budget.

Economically speaking...the "dream" is going to end.....badly. My advice is to get your house in order. Spiritually and physically.

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