Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Things are falling.....out of place....but in place with predictions

Remember way back in November of 2012, when I got crazy and made some wild predictions about America's future? Read it Here.

Since then we've seen a lot of changes in America and the rest of the world - and mostly all of them are bad. Back in 2012, I told you that the American dollar would eventually collapse. I know, I know....Most everyone avoids this topic because 1) it scares people and 2) people are afraid that they will be labeled as a fanatic. Well, I don't care. The collapse of the US Dollar is coming. You don't need an ivy league degree in economics to be able to see it. When President Obama leaves office, we'll be staring at over $20 trillion in national debt. That number doesn't even consider the amount of unfunded federal liabilities - which total over $100 trillion.  I will further address the realities of the Dollar's future in my next post. Trust me - things are only looking worse for the US Dollar. As a preview - take a look at the new deal the Swiss made with China on the currency exchange. Ever wonder what would happen if the world stopped using the US Dollar as the reserve currency?

But I also told you that "America" would eventually turn its back on Israel. Some of you took issue with that prediction, but as we have seen since then it appears to be coming true.

President Obama publicly announced to the world that he wants Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders.
For the sake of your reading time, and my typing time we won't analyze the catastrophic consequences of Israel being forced to do something that suicidal. I encourage you to research it and see what it would mean for Israel. In short, it would make her essentially defenseless from all her enemies - and she has MANY.

But since the latest outbreak of fighting between HAMAS and Israel, we've seen President Obama and his administration further alienate Israel. John Kerry being sent over to demand a ceasefire, that was based upon the demands of HAMAS (an Islamic terrorist organisation). Nancy Pelosi has called HAMAS a "humanitarian organization" - that shows either that she is completely inept or its a message to Israel that they are losing their closest ally.

For further evidence, check out this report and interview with Lt Col Oliver North.

Keep your eyes on this - and make sure you re-read my post from November 7, 2012 and take heed to the recommended actions I listed there. It's coming. Maybe sooner than we thought.

Are you ready?